Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Furr-ends!!

Me and mom and dad went to visit some people with a big back yard and I made my first furr-end.  I met Nina, who is a little bigger than me, but not by much.

She was a little shy at first.  She must've been in awe of my stunning good looks.  It took a while for her to start playing with me, but eventually I helped her chase down a ball.  It was a fun visit. 

The next furr-end I made was with a nice older lady across the street.  I don't remember her name, but I hope I can visit her again soon.

I also made furr-ends with a little dog named Doodles (weird name) and mom and dad have a whole bunch of other furr-ends for me to meet soon.  I'm also really looking forward to meeting my older half-sister, Nala.  We have the same mom.  She sounds real cool...must run in the fam!

I'm also starting to make friends with the other fur animals in my new pack.  They have really long, swishy tails that for some reason I just have this urge to grab and pull.  They told me they are 'katz'.  They're not very playful yet.  Every time I try to play, they jump up somewhere I can't go.  I help them clean out their food bowls, which I'm not sure they appreciate.  I overheard them planning on sitting on my flossie when I'm gone.  Yuck!  Who wants to taste katz butt!  There was a day when the sun was shining in the house and it felt so good we all just kicked back and napped in the sun.

One big happy, lazy family.  I've got it gooood!

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  1. BOL!!! That is hilarious Remi...about the cats! :) Looks like you were enjoying the sunshine with them. Glad you got to meet some new furiends!!