Monday, October 5, 2009

New Relatives and the Lions

Today I got to meet my Pop Pop (my mom's dad) and my mom's sis.  Pop pop seemed like a nice old guy and his socks were tasty. 

The katz have been bugging me to put their picture in the blog (since they're the 'Lions' I'm in company with), so here's Harmon hanging out in her little house:

And, lets see, where are Jake and Millie.  They're usually hanging out in the bedroom somewhere, so .....  Hey!  What the!?!  That's MY bed!!!!!

Well, I s'pose they can use this bed during the day.  I have my one in the kitchen I hang out in during the day.  Just so they don't get katz kooties all over it!


  1. I love that the 'katz' stole the bed :)

  2. Those are some brave kitties!! The kitties i my house don't get in my bed. They sit in the window above it wish they could sleep there, but they know better!!! It's nice of you to share though =)