Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Say it with me: 'Skwim'

After my morning play session with Memphis, mom and dad left me sleeping in the back of the truck for a long time.
I woke up and, when I looked out the window, saw this:
I remembered seeing that before...when I had my first overnight trip!  A placed called skwim, but spelled Sequim.  Weird.
This time the weather was so nice this time that I got to play in Pop-pop's yard.  
He even gave me a special ball to play with when I visit.
Mom says check out the Olympic Mountains in the background:
It was like my own private park:
Me and Pop-pop played while dad soaked in some sun:
You want this ball?  This one?
Mom tried hiding from the camera, but dad caught her:
I played until I was pooped.
 Mom said I needed to nap before going to the dog park later.
Nap schmap...who needs them?!!?
...guess I do.

Stay tuned for part II:  The secret dog park.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'Hey dude! Pass that bag of grass!

So, being the nice guy I am, I decided to share my bag of grass with the katz.
Jake was really interested:
Millie dove right in:
Harmon really chewed on a piece:
Then she got sleepy:
Dude!  You've had enough!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dude! It's Just a Little Grass!

(I was going to title this 'My Grow Operation,' but mom didn't think that was a good idea. )
This weekend is Hempfest in Seattle, which we did not attend (for a variety of reasons, plus it's not dog friendly!). 
So, we had our own celebration of grass at home today.
My sister, Nala, gave me this for my birthday:
Mom did some stuff to it and let it sit for a while:
Within a few days, stuff was starting to poke up:
And look what we saw today!:
Mom offered me some, but I was still in recovery mode from playing with Memphis this morning:
I tried a little, but was still a little too tired:
Stay tuned for part II: 'Hey dude!  Pass that bag of grass!'

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Post Play-with-Memphis Recovery Documentary

After a good play session with Memphis, I have to follow a strict recovery regimen.
Us hard-core athletes know the importance of getting enough rest!

Getting home at 9:30 am:
10:30 am:
11:30 am:
12:30 (mom woke me up for lunch):
1:30 pm:
2:30 pm:
3:30 pm (time to hydrate):
4:30 pm (went to the gym to lift, but still too tired):
By 5:30 pm, I had enough energy to drag mom out for a walk:
Whew!  It's probably a good thing we only do that a couple times a week!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

We're having a heat wave up here.  For us that's over 90.
Thankfully, we don't have much humidity!
I've been getting mom up at 6:00 so we can get to the dog park before it gets too hot.
There's no way me and Memphis could play like we do if we waited til it got hot out.
After an hour and a half, it was getting warm out and I was getting worn out!
I was happy to crawl up into my recovery area at home!
You can follow my progress in the next blog:
'Post Play-with-Memphis Recovery Documentary'

Moe's Key Toads

I had a pretty good time hanging out in the woods with the homeless people, even if I did have to share my hut with mom and dad. 
It was nice to go out on walkies out in the wilderness.
Any be the great protector of my hut.
Mom said I did pretty good for my first khamping experience. 
I only had to scare away a few things during night by emitting by monstrous bark, which apparently is pretty loud in the hut in the middle of the night.

I'm looking forward to our next khamping trip. Mom says we'll go for longer next time and I'll have a better hut to stay in called a 'khamper'. That sounds like fun.

The only part I didn't like were all the buzzing thingies around me. 
Mom called them Moe's key toads. 
They kept biting me, which made me itchy and bumpy.
Does anyone know of anything that will keep them from biting me?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Who's been sleeping in MY bed?!!!!

After our long hike, I was a little tired and ready for a quick nap, so I thought I'd try out my beds in my new hut.
Ahhh...  very comfy!
And even elevated off the cold ground, which gave me a perfect lookout spot.
Little did I know that I was going to have to share my beds with mom and dad!

We at dinner outside and I got a big buffalo bone, which I totally devoured!
After I ate dinner, we ended up going into my hut.  I was shocked that mom and dad were going to share my hut with me.  Where were they going to sleep?  On the ground, I guess.  Good thing they brought one of my beds for them to sleep on.

Stay tuned for part III, 'Moe's Key Toads'