Sunday, March 1, 2015

Remi-dial training

We've had a busy couple months.  I've had to do some remedial training with Nelli on her 'dog-like' behaviors.  Like this, for example.  I don't want mom and dad thinking this is where we should be napping, instead of on the comfy couch.

This is more like it.  Watch carefully, Nelli, to see how it's expertly done.

Yeah, Nelli.  Sometimes we have to humor mom.

We've gotten to spend some time with our new little furrend, Lily.  Sometimes, Her mom lets her stay with us for a few days.  Here we're showing her the best sunbathing spot.
Look how well I've trained them both:
Nelli and Lily are about the same age.  Nelli will be 3 this October and I'll be 6 in July.  Can you believe it???  I don't feel that old!

Here's a couple shots of the lions.  They're both doing well.  Millie is 11 and Harmon is 7.

Hope everyone is doing well!!