Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruffin' It !! Day 6 - You Want a Waiver for WHAT?!?!

We went for a nice walkie furrrst thing in the morning before leaving Grrrrreat Falls.
Okay mom, enuf posing....let's GO!  I smell wabbits!
Purty wild flowers....
Purty bridge....

We saw some beewootiful scenary driving out of Grrrreat Falls.

And we saw this giant sleeping:
Kinda looks like me during the driving part of our trip!!!

Then we finally got to our campsite just outside of Bozeman.
It looked so peaceful and relaxing.

Then dad showed me this little waiver he got from the camp host:
Holy smokes!!!!  What's up with all the bears around here?!?!
And not just ANY bears.....GRRRRRRRIZZLY BEARS!!!!
Double YIKES!!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 7 - Exploring Mom's Old Stompin' Grounds

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 5 - Not Really Ruff !!

We hit the road early in the morning for Grrrrreat Falls.
It was another long nap drive there!

It was dinner time by the time we got there, so we dropped off the port-a-house in the parking lot of a bigger house and went to one of the eating places mom used to go when she lived here a long time ago...when dinosaurs still roamed.
 She got a Fluffy taco.  The phone camera doesn't take very good pictures, but she said it was good. 
Kinda looks green, like my food!

Then we walked around this booteefull park called Giant Springs.  The water was crystal clear there.
 There were lots of nice, polite kids that asked to pet me,
which made me very happy, since I think kids are pretty tasty cute.

Mom forgot her real camera, so here's a nice picture of Giant Springs she got off the internet.

Then we drove by the house she grew up in when she was a wee pup...
...and some of her old schools (yawn!). 

Hey, enuf reminiscing!  It's getting late!!!   Where's MY dinner!!!
So, we left and I thought we were going to set up the port-a-house so mom could make my dinner,
but we ended up going inside this big house with smaller houses in it. 
Mom called it a hotel.  It was my very furrrrst hotel stay.
Check it out!!!!!!
I got a whole bed to myself!!!!!!
Ahhhhh!!!!  Finally!!!! 
A full night's rest without dad kicking me in the head or mom stealing the covers!!!!
This is DEFINITELY NOT ruffin' it!!!!  ZZZzzzzzzz....

Stay tuned for Day 6  -  A Waiver for WHAT?!?!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 4 - Final Day at Big Arm

I'm on the tippy top of the highest peak in Montana:
Okay, so maybe I'm just on a rock at our campsite...
It still makes a good lookout spot. 
...and someone needs to keep an eye out for bears...or dinosaurs...or zombies!!

We went for a walk and pawzed for a moment to take in this breathtaking view:

We went for a short drive up the lake so mom and dad could grab lunch at the Tamarack Brewery
Mom said they had the best roasted veggie sandwich she has EVER had!

Then we went back to the campsite and put up this umbrella thingy:
Hmmm....  seems a little short!  Maybe if you water it, it will grow.
Much better!

  It helped keep the inside of the port-a-house cool, so me and dad decided to take a nap.
Actually, dad napped and I kept an eye out for....well, you know what!

Ooooh....supper time!!!   This was going to be our last night at Big Arm.  Tomorrow we would hit the road for Great Falls.
I will miss this booteeful place!!

Stay tuned for Day 5 - Not Really Ruff

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 3 - Checkin' out the Big Arm!

We left the magnificent Glacier National Park, and headed back toward our camp site.
But first we stopped into Whitefish, MT, where mom and dad got lunch at
Look, they named a beer after my road:

Then we had to feed the truck, so we stopped here:
Ah HAH!  I KNEW there were dinosaurs out here!  I can smell 'em!
(despite these dinosaurs being everywhere in MT, the gas prices sure weren't cheap)

We got back to our beeyouteeful campground, Big Arm.

That's Wild Horse Isand out there.  I hear there really are wild horsies there (and I bet dinosaurs, too!)

We got back to our campsite and guess what we saw!!
A dinosaur...IN A TREE!!!!

ZOINKS!  That's no dinosaur!  That's a ZOMBIE!!!

Not to worry.  I mustered up my most terrifying zombie-be-gone look:
That's right, Mr. Zombie.  Just stay right up there in that tree!
...and he did!  Man, what would mom and dad do without me?!?!

That night, mom was THRILLED that we got a Montana thunder storm, the kind with that great thunder that rumbles on forever.
She didn't think quick enough to get a video, but here's one she found on youtube. 
The good stuff starts about :40.

That was the end of Day 3.  It was quite the long day. 
Stay tuned for Day 4 - Final Day at Big Arm

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback Furrrrriday!

Keeping with the camping theme....
Here's a picture of me from my very first camping experience August 2010, in my old-style hut:

...and here's me this month, in my new port-a-dog house:
aaaaaah....much more comfy!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 3 - Glacier National Park

After a hearty breakfast (finally!), I settled into the truck for the nap drive up to Glacier National Park.

We made the long drive around the lake, which was very big and blue.  Look how big the sky is!  No wonder it's Big Sky Country!

...and for those of you who think Montana still has no speed limits:

Mom didn't do a very good job of getting a picture of the sign, but here we are at the entrance.  The lines were surprisingly short.

The nice man gave us some information about the park, including a map, and
.....whh...whh...whhaatt's this!?!
Hey!!!  I didn't sign up for any crazy bear encounters!  MOM!!!!!!
Oh...that's just if we run across any.  Hmmm.  I guess that's ok.
The views at Glacier were spectacular.
This one's amazing:

I found a rock to pose on for mom.
Look at me!!!  I'm King of the Mountain.  Lord of the 'Going to the Sun' Road!

Hmmm...  what was that noise?!?!

Let's go dad!!!!   There's bear in them thar hills!!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 3  -  Checkin' out the Big Arm
(Day 3 was a REALLY LONG day!)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011