Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ruffin' It! Day 1

We just got back from 2 weeks of 'ruffin it' in Montana. 
Mom is from MT, so she was very excited to go back.
Me and dad had never been there, so we were excited to be somewhere new.
So, we packed up the port-o-house and headed off to Big Sky Country.

Our first stop was in Thompson Falls, MT:

We got there shortly before sunset, so mom got some quick shots of the river by the campground.

It was starting to get dark and chilly, so dad popped up the port-o-house and created fire.  We had dinner outside via camp fire (mom and dad had tuna melt mountain pies, yum).

Then we settled down for the night.  There were only a couple other people in the campground, so it was very quiet.  What luck we had coming across this beautiful, peaceful campground on our first stop....or so we thought.  Stay tuned for day 2 of Ruffin' It!!!!


  1. Mom says your post planted an earworm

    Of khourse, we are furry jealous!

    How khool a time woo had! It was SOOOO beaWOOtiful!


  2. OOhhh 2 week road trip! How fun!
    Cant wait to see more!