Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Bash, pt I

So, today started out like most my Saturdays.  I got to play with my best bud, Memphis.  After that, I usually crash for most of the day.  But I couldn't sleep cuz mom was making this yummy smelling 'frosting' stuff.  She let me lick off the beater cuz it's my birthday!
Cream cheese!  Yummmm!
Then I took a quick nap before mom woke me to go for a ride.  Then, to my surprise, we went back to the dog park.  And then, an even better surprise!  My furriend, Darwin, showed up!!  I haven't seen her for months!!!  And then, what do know, my bud Memphis came back!
The 3 of us played, and played...
Tug back!

This was great fun with my Dane friends.  What a treat!!
Little did I know that more of my friends would be showing up!
Stay tuned for part II !!!!!

Work photo collage

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre-Birthday Pawty

I got my first birthday card in the mail.  Its from my PA cussin, Sweetie:

When I got to work today, I got a big surprise.  They had a birthday pawty for me!
I even got a couple of pressies and treaters:

Mom had to turn off the camera cuz I was making such a mess.

Then, I got to play with my fellow working dog, Chestie.  First, we went for a walkie:
Then we went back to my (mom's) office, where we were going to split a cupcake.  I ate my half, but Chestie dropped his and I wolfed it down.  What!?!  You haven't heard of the 5 second rule!!!  I was just faster than him.
But, he let me chew on his rawhide bone, so I let him chew on one of my bully sticks.
Tomorrow is my actual birthday, but I don't think we're doing anything special. 
I do get to meet up with my best bud, Memphis, in the morning
...and that's always a blast! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!

Flashback Furrrriday!!!

Are you serious?!! This thing actually used to fit me?!!
And my head used to fit through this??!! did!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guarding the Mama

With everything mom does for me,
the least I can do is make sure she's safe.
So, I keep constant watch so no bad thingies come around.
(No, I'm NOT sleeping.  I'm in stealth mode)
(ha!  can't sneak up on me!)
Mom even got me this new sign (since I chewed up the old one...What!?!  I thought it would look more convincing with some tooth holes in it!)
Now for a demonstration of me at my most vicious,
protecting mom from this deadly intruder!:

I couldn't get this to upload on blogger video, so if you can't see it, let me know and I'll email it to you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Early B-Day Pressies!!!

With my 1st birthday coming up, mom let me have a couple of my pressies a little early.  I got this new leash for running, so mom doesn't rip my head off when I stop to sniff something:
I got this coat-thingy with a bunch of pockets and such so I can carry my own water and poop bags (and mom's water, keys, cell phone, etc).
At first I was like, 'Really?  You expect me to wear this in public?'
But once we got outside, I felt like a true outdoors dog...
...roughing it in the wilderness with nothing but my pack (oh yeah, and mom).
Ready to take on the most annoying tree rat!
So, I guess turning 1 isn't so bad.

On a more serious note, my older sis, Nala, is having some pain and problems with her back legs.  She's only 4, so it really sucks that there's something wrong with her leg.  So, if you haven't already done so, I'm sure she and her mom would appreciate your thoughts, wishes, and pawsitive vibes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today, we went to something called a Dog-a-Thon, to help homeless pets.
Here's me modeling my stylin' bandana:
There were a lot of dogs checking out the booths and stuff.  It got pretty hot out, so we went for a walk around the lake.
Whew!  It's like Africa out here.  Thank goodness they had plenty of water stops. 

Mom, trying to score me a cool, free collar:
It was pretty pawsome to get to hang out with a bunch of new furriends,
and also help our furriends in need.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Furrrrriday!!!!

When I first met fellow therapy dog, Tasman, 8 months ago:
He was huge, and, yes, I was a little scared.

...and this was at lunchtime today.  He's not so big now!
okay, so he's still a little bigger than me.
...but not by much.
Wait 'til next year!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Quest for Liquid Sunshine

Washington has developed it's own form of liquid sunshine,
for those frequently dreary days. 
Mom and dad are on a quest to find the best dog-friendly places serving up
 the best liquid sunshine.

First, we went to the Jolly Roger Taproom, where mom says they have the
best Mahi Mahi sliders.  They also have one of mom's favorite liquid sunshine flavors, the Imperial IPA.  High ratings for food & liquid, not so much on the dog-friendly side.

Luckily, just down the street was mom's ultimate favorite liquid sunshine flavor place:
Mom is a huge fan of the Mongoose IPA, but they had a new, 'happier' version out:
She said it was most excellent and VERY happy (or maybe she said hoppy). 
Dad offered me a taste, but it smelled worse than tree rat droppings:
Yuck!  No thanks!
So, Hale's gets 4 paws for excellent liquids, great food (and breakfasts), and a nice dog-friendly outdoor area.  The bartender even asked if I wanted liquid (water)!

Norm's, of course, sets the 5 paw standard by allowing dogs INTO the bar.  PLUS great food, PLUS great liquids.  Wags to Darwin for recommending it.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer!!