Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Quest for Liquid Sunshine

Washington has developed it's own form of liquid sunshine,
for those frequently dreary days. 
Mom and dad are on a quest to find the best dog-friendly places serving up
 the best liquid sunshine.

First, we went to the Jolly Roger Taproom, where mom says they have the
best Mahi Mahi sliders.  They also have one of mom's favorite liquid sunshine flavors, the Imperial IPA.  High ratings for food & liquid, not so much on the dog-friendly side.

Luckily, just down the street was mom's ultimate favorite liquid sunshine flavor place:
Mom is a huge fan of the Mongoose IPA, but they had a new, 'happier' version out:
She said it was most excellent and VERY happy (or maybe she said hoppy). 
Dad offered me a taste, but it smelled worse than tree rat droppings:
Yuck!  No thanks!
So, Hale's gets 4 paws for excellent liquids, great food (and breakfasts), and a nice dog-friendly outdoor area.  The bartender even asked if I wanted liquid (water)!

Norm's, of course, sets the 5 paw standard by allowing dogs INTO the bar.  PLUS great food, PLUS great liquids.  Wags to Darwin for recommending it.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the summer!!


  1. Mom and I are soooooo jealous!

    She loves hoppy stuffs in a glass - and I love hoppy stuffs in the grass!

    Thanks fur sharing your likhwid sunshine!


  2. I really appreciate your rating system Remi! I was also glad you didn't 'miss my rhodie post. I always think of you when I post about them. I hope you approve, although I'm making Hanky out to be a bit of a dork.

  3. Hi Remi and Mom,
    You are just as spoiled as me,do you get a beer also I love wine...
    Marja also thaught I wouldn't get bigger,but yep now I will only get more muscles and going to be a real guy.
    Do you also go along the bike that's very good for your development,guess what they take me to coursing Sunday.
    Then I will finally catch my first rabbit hihi,our when I don't feel like it just going to lay down will see.
    Yeah come to France and visit us.
    High Five ,Beaudor and a hug from Marja

  4. Funny, Queen Natasha does not avoid the hu-dads beer, but is always trying to drink some of it (not that that is allowed).

  5. Bawwwaaah Worse than Tree Rat Droppings. You are sooooo funny.

  6. I haven't been to Hale's yet!
    We love Norm's and Jabu's (Jabu's is was more bar bar than Norm's). And Beveridge too!

  7. This is one review series I am going to love! But remember Remi, no driving after...