Friday, July 30, 2010

Pre-Birthday Pawty

I got my first birthday card in the mail.  Its from my PA cussin, Sweetie:

When I got to work today, I got a big surprise.  They had a birthday pawty for me!
I even got a couple of pressies and treaters:

Mom had to turn off the camera cuz I was making such a mess.

Then, I got to play with my fellow working dog, Chestie.  First, we went for a walkie:
Then we went back to my (mom's) office, where we were going to split a cupcake.  I ate my half, but Chestie dropped his and I wolfed it down.  What!?!  You haven't heard of the 5 second rule!!!  I was just faster than him.
But, he let me chew on his rawhide bone, so I let him chew on one of my bully sticks.
Tomorrow is my actual birthday, but I don't think we're doing anything special. 
I do get to meet up with my best bud, Memphis, in the morning
...and that's always a blast! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Happy Pre-Birthday!

    A khousin in PA!?! That's furry khool!

    It is also khool that tomorrow is my Doggy Nanny's birthday!


  2. pawty tomorrow!!!! Remi's turning 1!!!