Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Bash, pt I

So, today started out like most my Saturdays.  I got to play with my best bud, Memphis.  After that, I usually crash for most of the day.  But I couldn't sleep cuz mom was making this yummy smelling 'frosting' stuff.  She let me lick off the beater cuz it's my birthday!
Cream cheese!  Yummmm!
Then I took a quick nap before mom woke me to go for a ride.  Then, to my surprise, we went back to the dog park.  And then, an even better surprise!  My furriend, Darwin, showed up!!  I haven't seen her for months!!!  And then, what do know, my bud Memphis came back!
The 3 of us played, and played...
Tug back!

This was great fun with my Dane friends.  What a treat!!
Little did I know that more of my friends would be showing up!
Stay tuned for part II !!!!!


  1. woo hoo!! Happy 1st Birthday Remi!!!!
    Today was so much fun! It was good to see you again!!! You've gotten so big since the last time we saw you! Mephis is such a fun guy.... I think Darwin had a crush!

  2. How khool woo got to pawty with furiends AND have khream cheese frosting!