Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Toys and Kool Stuff

Over the next few days, I got to discover some really cool stuff about my new home and pack family.  There's a nice, new deck and back yard I get to hang out in (and poop in)...and lots of rocks for me to try to eat.

I went and had a checkup with my new doctor, who looked in my ears and listened to my heart.  They weighed me and I weighed 11.4 pounds.  I'm a lean, mean, slobberin' machine!  I met a couple super big dogs there.  I was a little scared at first.  I mean, one was a standard poodle.  Who wouldn't be scared!?  But then I wanted to play.  My doctor said I was in excellent health and asked if I was going to be a show dog.  Which must mean I'm extremely good looking.  After we got home from the doctor, I settled down for a little nap.

Guess I was pretty tired.  Mom said I was "sawing logs."  Whatever that means....

Mom got me this great thing to chew on.  She calls it a Flossie, but I call it tasty. 

She also got me this other cool thing to chew on called a Windee.  She said it's a beef tray-key-aah, but I really like it.  It must be really rare cuz it only comes around when I ride in the truck. 

Okay, okay.  Mom says I have to take a nap now cuz I'm getting grumpy.  Whatever....  later dudes!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My trip to my new home

On September 19, 2009, Mom and Dad made the long trip down to pick me up to take me to my new pack family.  When they showed up, my first human pack parents told them to drive slow on the turny roads so I wouldn't barf up my breakfast.  Yeah, like I'd get car sick.  Whatever.  Then, Mom and Dad put me in a cage in their truck.  It was the first time I'd been in a cage and the first time in a vehicle, and I was not impressed!  I pulled out all my tricks to try to get out of that cage.  I howled and howled, but they wouldn't let me out (as you can see I was watching them).

So, then I peed, and that got them looking for a place to pull over.  Then I pooped, and they pulled over pretty quickly to clean that up (sorry, no photos of that).  I knew that would get them.  But, for some reason, they just cleaned me up and stuck me back in that cage.  Well, then Dad's driving and those turny roads got to me and I puked up all my breakfast.  That was pretty gross.  But hey, they pulled over again and took me out for a little bit.  By then, everyone was tired of my fussing, so Mom held me in her lap and I totally zonked out.  Then, we stopped to take a quick potty break and switch laps. 

Then I rode the rest of the way on Dad's lap and we both were sound asleep until we got to my new home.

When we got to the new place, I was still half asleep from the car ride.  We went in the house and there were other furry things there, but they weren't like my fur family.  But, I was so tired, I zonked out again.  There was a nice bed waiting for me and I just curled up in it and couldn't keep my eyes open.

I even went to sleep in the cage thing.  Once my bed was in there, it wasn't so bad.

So that was the end of my first day with my new pack family.  I felt safe and loved.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My fur-st 7 weeks

Since this is my very first blog, mom said I should say a little about myself and put in some pictures from my fur family.  So here goes...

My name is Remi, and I'm an 8-week-old boy Rhodesian Ridgeback.  That means my great, great, great grandparents were African lion hunters.  They were tough and furr-roucious.  They would track and hold lions at bay until their people showed up.  They also protected their human pack family and their animals. 

This is a picture of my dad, Rogueriver Chamba Rowdy Boy of Kandu:
I look a lot like my dad already.

 And my mom, Southridge Apache Red Kelly:

Awww, mom!  Did you have to put those pictures in?!  I can't even tell which one is me!  At least you didn't but the bath picture in. 

Oh Jeez!  How embarassing!

On September 3, Mom and Dad went down to decide who of us boys they wanted to bring into their pack.  And they picked me!!!  I was on my best behavior and gave them plenty of photo ops.  Mom said they did temperament testing and I did the best, but I was just playing and having fun.  I think I just won them over with my charm and good looks.  Who could resist that face (mine, that is)...

I did my best at posing.  This is my serious look:

And this is my confident look:

I was actually really trying to use my mental powers to get them to pick me.  You can see how hard I'm concentrating by all the wrinkles on my forehead.  All that work really tuckered me out and I fell asleep before they left.

I later found out they picked me and was sooo... happy!!!!  I thought I'd better spend some time with the other's in my fur and first human pack so they wouldn't miss me when I left in a couple weeks.

Ooops.  Mom says enough blogging for now.  Next time I'll tell you about my trip to my new home.  It was filled with all sorts of events...and every bodily function I could muster!