Monday, September 28, 2009

My trip to my new home

On September 19, 2009, Mom and Dad made the long trip down to pick me up to take me to my new pack family.  When they showed up, my first human pack parents told them to drive slow on the turny roads so I wouldn't barf up my breakfast.  Yeah, like I'd get car sick.  Whatever.  Then, Mom and Dad put me in a cage in their truck.  It was the first time I'd been in a cage and the first time in a vehicle, and I was not impressed!  I pulled out all my tricks to try to get out of that cage.  I howled and howled, but they wouldn't let me out (as you can see I was watching them).

So, then I peed, and that got them looking for a place to pull over.  Then I pooped, and they pulled over pretty quickly to clean that up (sorry, no photos of that).  I knew that would get them.  But, for some reason, they just cleaned me up and stuck me back in that cage.  Well, then Dad's driving and those turny roads got to me and I puked up all my breakfast.  That was pretty gross.  But hey, they pulled over again and took me out for a little bit.  By then, everyone was tired of my fussing, so Mom held me in her lap and I totally zonked out.  Then, we stopped to take a quick potty break and switch laps. 

Then I rode the rest of the way on Dad's lap and we both were sound asleep until we got to my new home.

When we got to the new place, I was still half asleep from the car ride.  We went in the house and there were other furry things there, but they weren't like my fur family.  But, I was so tired, I zonked out again.  There was a nice bed waiting for me and I just curled up in it and couldn't keep my eyes open.

I even went to sleep in the cage thing.  Once my bed was in there, it wasn't so bad.

So that was the end of my first day with my new pack family.  I felt safe and loved.

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  1. The heck with being "Queen for a Day" I'd like to be Remi for a day! What a cute blog!