Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Very-Few-Words Wednesday

After all-day play today:

My nicknames for the katz:
the Lookout (she's the one that makes sure mom's not looking)

She then signals......the Bait (he's the one that lures me into chasing him)

who then leads me right into the paws of....
the Protector Ninja

with lightening fast paws (thank goodness no claws), and a tail that puffs up as big as her body!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run Training

The weather was decent yesterday (unlike today), so mom took me out on a little run.  She said we have to start out slowly so my joints don't get knocked out of whack.  Mom and Dad ran a marathon a few months back, but they said they don't expect me to do 26.2 for quite a while!!! 

Mom was very excited to get out running again.  She has been spending all her spare time working with me, so she hasn't had much time to train. 

We only did a few miles today with plenty of sniffing stops.  Its looking like our next opportunity to run outside will be, like, in 5 YEARS because its supposed to rain FOREVER!!!  Okay, well maybe for the next week or so.  Hopefully, there will be enough breaks from the rain for a quick, muddy play session at the dog park. 

I've been thinking of goals for the new year.  Any ideas?

*****Mom just wants to assure that we weren't really 'running.' Since it took us an hour to do 3 miles, it probably qualifies more as a brisk walk. Being a runner and clinician, she did her research into dogs before picking me and also into the fact that large breed pups should not be run until they are done growing. In fact, she will not let me lure course until I am a lot older.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day-after Christmas hangover

Ooooo...  I think I had too much fun on Christmas!

I was soooo... tired!

Even the katz thought I was acting funny.

Speaking of katz, I forgot to tell you what I got them for Christmas.  I got them a new fish stix toy cuz I ate their old one (and they didn't want it back when I found it 3 days later)...

I also got them this rug, but I try to lay on it as much as I can.

So, that's all the Christmas catch-up blogs.   Hope everyone has great plans for the New Year!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Catch-up, My first Christmas!!

On Christmas Day, Mom woke up way too early (again!), and took this shot of Mt. Rainier from our window:

It was a beautiful, clear crisp sunny day in the PNW, which is rare for winters here.  The house was a little chilly, so I treated myself to the still-warm human bed.

Then we headed over to Auntie Janet's for the Christmas Day celebrations.  This was my first Christmas, so I didn't know what to expect.  When we got there, I was told some Santa character had left me this cookie.

I tried to eat its head, but there was so much frosting stuff on it that I spit it out.  Luckily, he also left me a pig ear (yum!)

Me and the katz got lots of goodies...

Here's a present from mom and dad:

I also got a new twin hoofer, which I proceeded to chew under this tree:

It was such a fun day.  I got to eat all sorts of goodies, go for a long walk, stay up really late, eat more yummies, and was even good mostly (did minimal damage to Auntie Janet's house).  it was a great first Christmas. 
Hope you all had an equally amazing Christmas Day!!!!

Christmas Catch-up, The Eve, pt II

After I woke up from my long winter's nap, mom took me out to a furriends park, where I met up with this sheep dog/pyrenees mix named Bonnie.  We played for most of the hour I was there.

Then we went over to Auntie Janet's where I got to open one more present.  Here's one from my bud, Darwin:

Cool!!  A squeeky Kong Wubba!!!  Must see how many shins I can bruise by swinging it around.  Luv it!!! 
Well, that was all of Christmas Eve.  Tune in again for the story of Christmas Day!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Catch-up, The Eve, pt 1

Whew!!!  The last few days have been CRAZY busy!!!   I'm just getting a chance to write a bit.
First of all.... 
 MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!! 
Here's a pic of me and mom and dad...and some fat creepy dude with bad fashion sense.

Way too early on Christmas Eve, mom woke me up so that she could do last minute shopping.  When we got home, she let me open some presents from my sis and Darwin.   Here's one from my sis...

What's this green stuff?

 Here I was distracted by some annoying noisy little monsters out in the street.  So I had to take time out from present ripping-open to protect mom:

 Okay, all is safe.  Back to presents... 
Here's a homemade peanut butter cookie from Darwin.  They were nice and soft, which was great cuz my teeth keep falling out.  The things I do for a yummy cookie!

Savoring Every Tasty Morsel!!!

Next present from Nala:
Check out these little tasty dudes:

Mom made me 'circle' for this guy:

I got this cool squeeky ball from Darwin:

Can you believe this was all before 10:00am!?!  No wonder I was pooped!!

Stay tuned.  Part II of Christmas Eve is next!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday (with a couple words)

Okay, so I've just got to add a couple words.  When we got home today, there were a couple packages waiting for ME!!!   They were from my sis, Nala, and my blog buddy, Darwin.  The bummer part was that I spent all day playing at that place and was really pooped when we got home.  It was all I could do to find my way to the dragon. 

This package was from Darwin (oooh!  cookies!):

And this from my sis:

I want to open these goodies, but ....just, yawn, soooo...tired. 

Thanks Nala and Darwin!  Mom says I can open a couple tomorrow after I rest up. 

Wordless Wednesday