Monday, December 14, 2009

My Saturday surprise!

Saturday, mom and dad took me to the Pet Market, where I usually go to get my special food and treats.  There were a ton of people and furriends there!  There was a HUGE dane there the size of a pony.  I had to stand on my tippy toes to try to bite his ear and still couldn't reach.  He was nice enough to lower his head a little to let me give him a couple friendly nips.  Then we went back and there was a pretty tree and a really fat old man dressed all in red.  His name was Santa Pawz.  He was really nice and kept telling me what a good boy I was.   Mom said we should get the picture soon.  So those of you who guessed my Saturday surprise was meeting Santa were right!

Then, we went out to a dog park suggested by Darwin, the Westcrest Park.  It's a pretty big area, but we stayed where the sun was cuz it was FREEZING out!!  Right away, I met up with some boxer pups.

It was a pretty big park and there were some trails, but we didn't go on them cuz it was way too cold in the shade.

It was a busy day, but there's nothing like relaxing by the dragon with a frozen, raw bone.   I knew I had to rest up for another busy day on Sunday.

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  1. Oh!

    Woo met Santa Pawz!

    I bet he was soooo taken with woo!