Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Run Training

The weather was decent yesterday (unlike today), so mom took me out on a little run.  She said we have to start out slowly so my joints don't get knocked out of whack.  Mom and Dad ran a marathon a few months back, but they said they don't expect me to do 26.2 for quite a while!!! 

Mom was very excited to get out running again.  She has been spending all her spare time working with me, so she hasn't had much time to train. 

We only did a few miles today with plenty of sniffing stops.  Its looking like our next opportunity to run outside will be, like, in 5 YEARS because its supposed to rain FOREVER!!!  Okay, well maybe for the next week or so.  Hopefully, there will be enough breaks from the rain for a quick, muddy play session at the dog park. 

I've been thinking of goals for the new year.  Any ideas?

*****Mom just wants to assure that we weren't really 'running.' Since it took us an hour to do 3 miles, it probably qualifies more as a brisk walk. Being a runner and clinician, she did her research into dogs before picking me and also into the fact that large breed pups should not be run until they are done growing. In fact, she will not let me lure course until I am a lot older.


  1. Mom can't wait to take me running...but I can't go for a while. She said its important not to run young pups until they are completely done growin. Sumthin about it being too hard on growth plates...especially for big dogs like us. She said most pups should go for runs until they are about 2 years old...but a betterinarian might be a better person to tell you for sure.

    maybe just sumthin to check into since Remi is gonna be a big boy too

    Wags, Wiggles & Slobbers

  2. Oh Remi, you are getting so big!! You were supposed to stop growing while I was away =) I'm still working on my New Year's goals. If I come up with any good ones, I'll let you know


  3. Gee, I feel for your mom. She's gonna have to wait a while for you to grow up. Maybe you guys should invest in treadmill lessons for the new year. BOL.
    On behalf of myself and my entire family: We can't wait to see what you'll look like all grown up. Don't hurry though. Enjoy your youth.

  4. Wow bro...you will be able to out run me! Mom and I are impressed that your pawrents ran 26 miles!! That's a feat! My Mom and Dad have only done half of that and that was before me. Maybe your Mom can inspire my Mom to get out and run...she has been very lazy as of late. (don't tell her I said that! ;))