Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bitter cold and breezy, with a 35 % chance furriends at the dog park

Saturday was pretty cold, but a few others dared the weather and showed up at the dog park:

Later that night, mom got a fire going and I was nice and cozy hanging out in the basement.

Sunday was WAY too cold and windy to do anything outside.  It even snowed a little.  Monday, me and mom bundled up and went to the dog park.  I was a little disappointed cuz I was the only one there.  The sun was out and it wasn't really windy, but still cold.  Me and mom played for a bit:

Then a few others showed up, but no one stayed long.  But, I played hard enuf to sleep for 2 hours when we got home. 
Then today, I got to play at the all-day play place.  Here they are getting me ready to go at the end of the day:

Tomorrow, I'm going to the other all-day play place.  Mom says, 'just to mix things up.'  Only one day at work this week and a whole day with me and dad...just the dudes.  Cool!  Mom says I have a surprise on Saturday.  Hmmm....  what do you think that is?


  1. Hmmmmmm!

    Are woo going to get to see Nala?

    Or maybe Sandy Khlaws?


  2. Pictures with Santa Claus?!
    Man we went to Marymoor on Sunday, and it was FREEEEEEEZING. Everytime I tried to leave another dane friend showed up that Darwin wanted to play with so we ended up staying for 3 hours!!!!!!! I was a popsicle by the time I got to the car.