Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunchtime Activities

Yesterday, I got to play with 2 other furriends at work.  Someone brought in his service dog (in training), Chestie.  We played for a bit outside and chewed on the squeeky squirrels inside. 

"Maybe if we work together, we can break free of these leashes and REALLY play!!"

Why do we both have that 'deer in the headlights' look??

Then, a couple hours later, I got to meet up with my coworker, Tasman, the therapy dog.  We went and played and I got slobber-fied in the first minute.

Do you hear what I hear?

With all that playing, I crashed for 2 hours!  Check out how I'm trying to wipe the smirk off the dog catcher's face:

Today, me and mom went on a walk during our lunch hour.  It was nice out and I took time to smell the... ferns?

It's so great to be able to walk on this trail during lunch.  I even meet Annie, an American Eskimo (I think), who is a regular on the trail. 

Tomorrow's Saturday.  Don't know what the pawrents have in store, but I know I love the weekends cuz they spend a lot of time with me and I get to do a lot of fun stuff.  I'll let you know!!   
Happy Howlidays!!!!


  1. Tasman is like my neighbour Baloo!

    I have so much fun when we pass on our walks!

    I khan't wait to see what fun woo will have this weekend!

    Me? I'm getting SNOW!


  2. You always get to do lots of fun stuff Remi!! Your little friend, Chestie, is so cute too! Did you break free of the evil leashes? :) Can't wait to hear about your weekend!


  3. A new friend! And that's thanks to Darwin who sent us here to check out on the present. My goodness, you're so cute and your social life is heavily packed. I love being social. I'm going to my barn tomorrow to play with at least 10 more doggies. I'm so excited I don't know If I'll be able to sleep tonight.