Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Catch-up, The Eve, pt 1

Whew!!!  The last few days have been CRAZY busy!!!   I'm just getting a chance to write a bit.
First of all.... 
 MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!! 
Here's a pic of me and mom and dad...and some fat creepy dude with bad fashion sense.

Way too early on Christmas Eve, mom woke me up so that she could do last minute shopping.  When we got home, she let me open some presents from my sis and Darwin.   Here's one from my sis...

What's this green stuff?

 Here I was distracted by some annoying noisy little monsters out in the street.  So I had to take time out from present ripping-open to protect mom:

 Okay, all is safe.  Back to presents... 
Here's a homemade peanut butter cookie from Darwin.  They were nice and soft, which was great cuz my teeth keep falling out.  The things I do for a yummy cookie!

Savoring Every Tasty Morsel!!!

Next present from Nala:
Check out these little tasty dudes:

Mom made me 'circle' for this guy:

I got this cool squeeky ball from Darwin:

Can you believe this was all before 10:00am!?!  No wonder I was pooped!!

Stay tuned.  Part II of Christmas Eve is next!


  1. Wow!

    Woo so had a furry merry khristmas!

    Treats AND toys!


  2. BOL! I'm still laughing with the comment you left on my blog! You're not only cute, you have a grrreat sense of humor too. Thanks for sharing present opening with us.