Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stormy weekend

Unfortunately, the weather last weekend was not good for outdoor activities.  But mom was a sport and took me out to the dog park anyway, where I met up with Bailey, an 8-month-old golden:

We had a lot of fun chasing each other and playing bitey face.

I didn't get very muddy, but Bailey did.

The weather was rainy, cold, and windy yesterday, but mom found a wooded trail that kindof protected us from the wind.  We went out for a quick walkie during a break from the rain.  It's really beautiful in this area, even during the winter!

Thought I'd close with a picture of the leader of the katz:

Tomorrow, mom said we're going to try the 'wordless Wednesday' thing, since she has a lot of gift wrapping and such to do.

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