Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Toys and Kool Stuff

Over the next few days, I got to discover some really cool stuff about my new home and pack family.  There's a nice, new deck and back yard I get to hang out in (and poop in)...and lots of rocks for me to try to eat.

I went and had a checkup with my new doctor, who looked in my ears and listened to my heart.  They weighed me and I weighed 11.4 pounds.  I'm a lean, mean, slobberin' machine!  I met a couple super big dogs there.  I was a little scared at first.  I mean, one was a standard poodle.  Who wouldn't be scared!?  But then I wanted to play.  My doctor said I was in excellent health and asked if I was going to be a show dog.  Which must mean I'm extremely good looking.  After we got home from the doctor, I settled down for a little nap.

Guess I was pretty tired.  Mom said I was "sawing logs."  Whatever that means....

Mom got me this great thing to chew on.  She calls it a Flossie, but I call it tasty. 

She also got me this other cool thing to chew on called a Windee.  She said it's a beef tray-key-aah, but I really like it.  It must be really rare cuz it only comes around when I ride in the truck. 

Okay, okay.  Mom says I have to take a nap now cuz I'm getting grumpy.  Whatever....  later dudes!

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  1. YUM...those treats look so tasty Remi! You are one lucky dude! :) I LOVE the picture of you snoozing with your tongue hanging out. :)