Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer is FINALLY here!!!!

After much waiting through cold and gloominess, it looks like warm sunny weather is finally here.  Yea!!!!

But, first we had to get through a cold 4th of July.  Wasn't too cold to keep me from chewin' on an ice block:
What am I missing out on?
Today was a beautiful day.  Me and mom went on a 3-mile run.  The best part is the post-run banana me and mom share:
(it's actually yummy, despite my grimace)
Ooooo..  it's time for the afternoon walkie or dog park visit. 
Hope y'all have some nice summer weather!


  1. WOOO HOOOO for summer! So excited that it's finally warming up!!!
    Your first birthday is coming!!! cant wait to get your invite to find out the details! We'll be there for sure!!

  2. I can not believe that you had Jackets on on the 4th.. It was soooooo hot here you could fry kibble on the sidewalk. Glad you had a grrrreat time and EVEN a banana.

  3. We have achieved Uber Summer as we touched 100 today -

    Please enjoy some khool fur us!