Monday, July 26, 2010

Early B-Day Pressies!!!

With my 1st birthday coming up, mom let me have a couple of my pressies a little early.  I got this new leash for running, so mom doesn't rip my head off when I stop to sniff something:
I got this coat-thingy with a bunch of pockets and such so I can carry my own water and poop bags (and mom's water, keys, cell phone, etc).
At first I was like, 'Really?  You expect me to wear this in public?'
But once we got outside, I felt like a true outdoors dog...
...roughing it in the wilderness with nothing but my pack (oh yeah, and mom).
Ready to take on the most annoying tree rat!
So, I guess turning 1 isn't so bad.

On a more serious note, my older sis, Nala, is having some pain and problems with her back legs.  She's only 4, so it really sucks that there's something wrong with her leg.  So, if you haven't already done so, I'm sure she and her mom would appreciate your thoughts, wishes, and pawsitive vibes!


  1. Nala... I am sending you some of my top notch dachshund Pawsitive Powers for your leg to get all better speedy quick.
    That is one fine BACK PACK you have there buddy. You will love having a birthday. You should do like Puddles does... mention it to EVERYBUDDY!! OFTEN... BOL

  2. It looks pawesome on woo!

    I'm sure it will be khwite handy fur pikhking up the ladies!

    PeeEssWoo; We've been sending Nala Sibe Vibes!

  3. Wow Remi your Backpack looks stunning a dutchboy I love the color Orange.
    Now I'm grown out me and Ruud are going for a whole day hiking so Marja have to buy me one to where did your Mom got this one?
    High five and a big kiss for your Mom and Dad

  4. Nice pressies - we like that leash a lot.

    And yes, we have all been wooing bigtime sibe vibes for Nala to be doing better very soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Ha roo, Remi! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I sure had a blast at the park and wish all my pals could have joined me!
    What cool presents! I especially like your leash! I love leashes - they're our tickets to fun!!! I hope yours takes you all kinds of great places! (Umm...and your mom , too.)
    We've been saying tons of prayers for Nala!
    Play bows,

  6. Look at it this way - you can deliver Frosty Paws to all of your friends at the dog park. You'll be a hero! :)