Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today, we went to something called a Dog-a-Thon, to help homeless pets.
Here's me modeling my stylin' bandana:
There were a lot of dogs checking out the booths and stuff.  It got pretty hot out, so we went for a walk around the lake.
Whew!  It's like Africa out here.  Thank goodness they had plenty of water stops. 

Mom, trying to score me a cool, free collar:
It was pretty pawsome to get to hang out with a bunch of new furriends,
and also help our furriends in need.


  1. Oh, what fun Remi! I hope you are staying cool though...I know how the heat can be. It is over 100 degrees here! YIKES!
    Anyway, I don't think I can come to your pawty but I will be over next weekend. Maybe we could meet up but Mom says she doesn't know if I can handle myself even on leash. ;) I say a little excitement won't hurt me as long as Mom keeps me on leash and doesn't let me run around. I would like to bring you your present though if nothing else so let me know what time would work well for you. :) Thanks for your well wishes too. As for the bump, the papiloma virus is what Mom thought too, but had them cut it out anyway and send it in just in case. Mom also called Diana (our breeder) to ask if she has heard of this OCD but she had to leave a message. I'll let ya know what she says.

    Love ya bro!


  2. Woo look furry handsome in your pawesome bandanna!

    Thanks fur sharing your great day!

    PeeEssWoo: It is too hot and humid here to do much more than dart out and then bakhk in!

  3. That looks like it was a really FUN and Helpful day.

  4. Paw-a-thons are so much fun. We are doing our own in just 2 weeks and can not wait. Will be a lot of fun.