Monday, August 22, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 2 - afternoon

After we left Thompson Falls, we headed over to Flathead Lake.
The original plan was to stay by Big Fork, but their campground was full.  We ended up driving all the way around the lake (several hours) until we found one with a site mom liked.

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We went to 3 campgrounds along the way, but they were too out in the open, or too parkinglot-esk.  Finally we found one mom LOVED at Big Arm State Park. 
She said it was how camping in Montana should be.  We found a spot that was away from everyone else. 
You could even see the lake from our campsite.
It was another beeyouteeful place.
Mom was excited for sunrise over the lake, which she figured we would be able to see from our campsite.  So we settled down for the night in anticipation of the morning sun.
Stay tuned for 'Ruffin It!  Day 3'


  1. Wish mom, lazy, would take us camping. It looks beautiful
    Benny & Lily