Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 3 - Checkin' out the Big Arm!

We left the magnificent Glacier National Park, and headed back toward our camp site.
But first we stopped into Whitefish, MT, where mom and dad got lunch at
Look, they named a beer after my road:

Then we had to feed the truck, so we stopped here:
Ah HAH!  I KNEW there were dinosaurs out here!  I can smell 'em!
(despite these dinosaurs being everywhere in MT, the gas prices sure weren't cheap)

We got back to our beeyouteeful campground, Big Arm.

That's Wild Horse Isand out there.  I hear there really are wild horsies there (and I bet dinosaurs, too!)

We got back to our campsite and guess what we saw!!
A dinosaur...IN A TREE!!!!

ZOINKS!  That's no dinosaur!  That's a ZOMBIE!!!

Not to worry.  I mustered up my most terrifying zombie-be-gone look:
That's right, Mr. Zombie.  Just stay right up there in that tree!
...and he did!  Man, what would mom and dad do without me?!?!

That night, mom was THRILLED that we got a Montana thunder storm, the kind with that great thunder that rumbles on forever.
She didn't think quick enough to get a video, but here's one she found on youtube. 
The good stuff starts about :40.

That was the end of Day 3.  It was quite the long day. 
Stay tuned for Day 4 - Final Day at Big Arm


  1. REMI.... what an adventrue you are on... I can NOT believe that Zombie even THOUGHT of makin a Try fur YOU and your WELL PROTECTED mom and dad. I'll bet HE has nightmares after seeing YOUR Zombie Face. Good Goin Guy!!!

  2. Wow, Remi, you guys are sure having lots of adventures out there. Zombies!!!! You are really brave!

  3. Thats the kind of lunch stop Jason would like!