Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 3 - Glacier National Park

After a hearty breakfast (finally!), I settled into the truck for the nap drive up to Glacier National Park.

We made the long drive around the lake, which was very big and blue.  Look how big the sky is!  No wonder it's Big Sky Country!

...and for those of you who think Montana still has no speed limits:

Mom didn't do a very good job of getting a picture of the sign, but here we are at the entrance.  The lines were surprisingly short.

The nice man gave us some information about the park, including a map, and
.....whh...whh...whhaatt's this!?!
Hey!!!  I didn't sign up for any crazy bear encounters!  MOM!!!!!!
Oh...that's just if we run across any.  Hmmm.  I guess that's ok.
The views at Glacier were spectacular.
This one's amazing:

I found a rock to pose on for mom.
Look at me!!!  I'm King of the Mountain.  Lord of the 'Going to the Sun' Road!

Hmmm...  what was that noise?!?!

Let's go dad!!!!   There's bear in them thar hills!!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 3  -  Checkin' out the Big Arm
(Day 3 was a REALLY LONG day!)


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL and exciting tour..
    I can BEARly WAIT to see MORE!!!

  2. Lucky you Remi xx

  3. Wow, you guys must be having a great time! That's some beautiful country!

  4. Oh my goodness so beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  5. wow those are beautiful pictures!