Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ruffin' It ! Day 2 - the morning

It was a little chilly in the morning, so I let mom and dad stay bundled under the covers.
Oh....what's this?!?
Surprise.  It's not's ME!!!!

So we got up, looking forward to a nice, peaceful breakfast at the fire, when......
Hold on a minute... what's that awful commotion I hear?
Ugh!  Big, noisy construction vehicles right outside the camp!
The camp host told us, "There are 2 seasons in Montana...Winter and Construction."
We were planning on staying 2 nights here, but decided we didn't want to listen to the noise.
But before we left, we decided to take in some of the morning beauty by the river.
We couldn't hear the constuction noise at the river, so it was very nice and calm.
Wait a minute....Is this sand I'm on?!?
Forget calm.....ZOOMIES!!!!!!!!
Ok...back to calm and peaceful.
We saw (I smelled) lots of these big, prehistoric thingies with white tails.
What beeyouteefull scenary!
We headed back to the campground and ran across these strange little trees.
I'm not sure how they got them to grow like that, but they were the perfect size for peeing on!
Despite the noise, the campground area was quite beautiful and the sand was an added bonus for me.
We folded up the port-a-house and headed off for our next adventure spot.
Stay tuned for 'Day 2 - the afternoon'


  1. OMD REMI... those SANDY Zoomies were Pawsome. THOSE are WONDERFUL pics of it!!! I almost FAINTED lookin at em.
    Glad you are going to take us to an EVEN more peaceful place. CAN'T Wait.

  2. Hi new got the best lightening fast zoomies ever, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. You saw a deer? We saw a deer when we went camping in the Orcas! I didn't know what to do almost dragged mom into the woods to chase it down. I couldn't catch it but I tried!


  4. what a kind of adventure! I really love the view and the place! :)

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  5. beautiful! too bad about the construction!
    Darwin gets sand zoomies too. it's hilarious!