Monday, August 2, 2010

Romance at the Pawty

So, everyone had a good time at my pawty.  Some had more 'good times' than others.  As Darwin's mom put it, there was a 'love connection.' 
Darwin and Memphis really hit it off. 
I admit, I was a little jealous.
But I've got my girl, Maggie:
To see more pawty and love connection photos, visit Darwin's blog.


  1. hahha serious love connection! Your background is perfect!
    I'll have to send your mom a cd of all the picutres I took (I took A LOT)! There are some funny ones!

  2. Hallo dear friend Remi,
    So very sorry to be late for your Birthday .
    But it seems you didn't miss me,wow you really had a party wish I could have been there.
    We're in france so low on the internet.
    Big hug and kisses from my Mom Marja and lots of healthy and happy years to come.

  3. Funny about the little romance that was sparked. ;) Glad you had Maggie there. :) Your birthday pawty looks like it was a blast! I'm so bummed I missed it...hopefully, next year I won't have any injuries. :) Glad you had such a good time with your pals.