Friday, August 13, 2010

The Thing Up Mom's Sleeve

I guess I've kept you in suspense long enough.....
So, after the early morning wake up, mom dropped me off at the play place for a while.
When they picked me up, the truck was jam packed with a bunch of stuff.
I still didn't know what was going on....
It was still pretty exciting...
Then I slept while dad drove:
Then we got to this place where people were living out in the woods.  I guess they can't afford real houses.  Then, dad started putting up this awesome hut for me. 
I thought, 'How cool is this, having my own place in the homeless woods?'
I kept watch to make sure no unwelcome critters or evil children trespassed.
That got boring fast, so mom gave me my new Bristle Bone,
which I proceeded to get totally filthy.
When dad finished building my cool hut, we went out on a hike.
We stopped at the entrance to the 'homeless in the woods' place for a quick photo op:
I'm still not sure what we're doing here, but mom called it
(I think that's how Khyra would spell it).

Stay tuned for part II, "Who's been sleeping in MY bed?"


  1. Geee Remi, wonder why your dad looks sooooo happy about going to see the Homeless in the Woods place. I can NEVER get a handle on these two leggers. Butt I must say he made you a really nice Napping Hut.

  2. Woo got it!

    Khamping is khorrekht!

    Too bad it wasn't Millersville Pawsylvania - I would have reskhued woo and let woo bunk in The Blue Room with Merdie and me!


  3. we went camping this weekend too!! wheres millersylvania?!