Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dude! It's Just a Little Grass!

(I was going to title this 'My Grow Operation,' but mom didn't think that was a good idea. )
This weekend is Hempfest in Seattle, which we did not attend (for a variety of reasons, plus it's not dog friendly!). 
So, we had our own celebration of grass at home today.
My sister, Nala, gave me this for my birthday:
Mom did some stuff to it and let it sit for a while:
Within a few days, stuff was starting to poke up:
And look what we saw today!:
Mom offered me some, but I was still in recovery mode from playing with Memphis this morning:
I tried a little, but was still a little too tired:
Stay tuned for part II: 'Hey dude!  Pass that bag of grass!'


  1. We didn't know they made one of those for dogs, we have seen it for cats. We all like grass, but the hot summer has really done a number on our yard. Hey, Mom, can we try some of Remi's dog grass too?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Given one of MY nikhknames is Husky Holstein, I'll be right ovFUR!


  3. Have to watch you Remi,my Mom is falling in love with you,I,m jealous LOL.

    High Five,Buddy.

  4. Dog grass! Ive never seen that before.
    I didnt realize hempfest was not dog friendly. I would've thought it was since it's outdoors at a public park area. Good thing we didn't try to walk over there!