Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moe's Key Toads

I had a pretty good time hanging out in the woods with the homeless people, even if I did have to share my hut with mom and dad. 
It was nice to go out on walkies out in the wilderness.
Any be the great protector of my hut.
Mom said I did pretty good for my first khamping experience. 
I only had to scare away a few things during night by emitting by monstrous bark, which apparently is pretty loud in the hut in the middle of the night.

I'm looking forward to our next khamping trip. Mom says we'll go for longer next time and I'll have a better hut to stay in called a 'khamper'. That sounds like fun.

The only part I didn't like were all the buzzing thingies around me. 
Mom called them Moe's key toads. 
They kept biting me, which made me itchy and bumpy.
Does anyone know of anything that will keep them from biting me?


  1. Remi... I'm thinkin' you could keep them away by finding something very much Stinky and roll and roach in it... that keeps everything away from ME. hehehe

  2. those moe's key toads are soooo annoying! i was wondering too if i could put our bug repellent on dar, but I thought i probably shouldnt.
    looks like you had a fun camping trip!

  3. Sorru the moe's key toads like to nibble on woo -

    Mom says the way to get around that is to stay in a motel with indoor plumbing and khomfy stuffs!

    PeeEssWoo: Have woo guessed she's not the khamping type?