Friday, October 9, 2009

Another day at work...and play

Went up to Mom's work place again, except it was so early it was still dark out.  Yawn.  And I didn't get breakfast until after we got there.   But, I met a ton of new people.  When we got home, I had lunch out of what mom call the 'twist 'n treat'.  All I know is I've got to hit it around all over the place to get my food to come out.  Mom thinks it helps me eat slower so I don't get 'bloat'.  Whatever makes her feel better...

Now I'm waiting for Dad to get home.  It's always exciting when my pawrents come home. 

Hmm...Somehow the katz snuck in a 'cute' picture:

Not sure what's in store tomorrow, but it seems like everyday, I'm meetin' new people and makin' new furr-iends!  It's great!!


  1. Wow, you have been having some fun adventures Remi! Those sneaky cats....I don't know how you manage to live with are a better dog than I. ;) Hey, come check out my blog! *wink wink*

    Your Sis,

  2. Your sisfur Nala sent me to say HI!

    Woo are furry khute AND handsome too!

    Please khome by my khorner some time!


  3. Hi Remi! I'm Ammy from the Army of Four! My sister and brothers and I are blog-buddies of Nala! I just wanted to stop by and say "ha roo"! You sure are an adorable little guy!

  4. It's nice to meet you two. I LOVE making furr-iends!!! I have a furr-iend who is a Husky. You guys/gals are so cool!!!