Saturday, October 17, 2009

Aahh... Fall in the Pacific Northwest!

What the heck is all this wet stuff all over and dripping down on me?!  When me and Mom got up this morning, it was dark and dripping wet all over.  Four hours later it was still dark and drippy out.  Even Harmon, one of the katz, was wondering what was going on. 

 At least she doesn't have to go out in all that wet stuff to go potty.

Then, to top off this wonderful, beautiful day, Mom and Dad drug me out to "burn off some energy."  So they took me to the usual parking lot to run around and show them how to give me treats. 

Yeah, a couple more months and I won't be able to fit into one of these compact spots!!


  1. Remi, glad to hear you live near us and we can have a playdate when you're bigger (and the weather is better)! We've been entertaining Darwin in our building garage too... not quite the same as a park, but it will have to do!

  2. Funny about the compact spot! :) You are one silly boy Remi! As for the rain, if you ever need to get away it is pretty dry in my neck of the woods. :)


  3. Hi Remi... headed over this way from Tuckers blog.. cool you got an award today.. should make up for the rainy days