Saturday, October 24, 2009

Work, weight, and furr-iends!

I've been going to work with mom the past few days and have been pooped when I get off work, so this is the first chance I've had to blog.  Here's a picture of me with leash & collar #2 (since I destroyed the other one):

Here's me wondering where to get my mocha at the office:

Me at my desk at work.  Okay, maybe Mom's desk...

Today, I went to the vet again to get stuck with that sharp thing and had things stuck in my ears.  My doc is a nice guy, so it wasn't bad.  There was a big Great Dane there, Wrangler.  He was cool and friendly...and huge!  They weighed me and I'm now 23.8 pounds.  Mom says thats over twice as much as what I weighed when they first brought me to my new pack a month ago!

Later today, I got a visit from my furr-iend, Nina, the German Shephard. It was such a grrr-eat surprise!!!  Here's Nina, me, and her Dad:

Me trying to get Nina to come in the sun to play:

Me showing how fast I can run:

We played hard for a good hour before she had to leave.  My pawrents were happy that I played so much because they thought it would tire me out and I would fall asleep for a while.  I don't know about that.  I'm a wired ball of energy.  I can stay awake through anything.  One little hour of playing isn't going .... to.......zzzzzzzz......


  1. Woo will zzzzzzz BUT woo will bakhk in no time at all!

    Woo look good at the desk! I think woo will make a fine employee!

    Tank woo fur sharing your furiend!


  2. Remi, with all that work and then all that fun playing, we are not at all surprised you are sleeping. Your German Shepherd furiend looks like lots of fun.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. BOL!!! I hear ya Remi but that 1 hour of hard playing catches up to ya quick huh! ;) Glad you had a fun day with Nina! Those at work pictures are so cute! Love the desk one but my fave is the mocha one. My Mom is a big coffe fan and I always try to steal a tastes pretty good. :)