Saturday, October 17, 2009


So, Mom and Dad took me to this place called Positive Approach where I had to impress this lady by playing with some new furr-iends.  That seemed weird to me, but whatever.  They said if I did well playing, then I would get to hang out there all day sometimes, play all day, and make new furr-iends.  Sounds cool to me.

The lady said I did well and that I could come back and play anytime.  She said I was very confident (of course!).   So I get to go back in a couple weeks and hang out all day while Mom works. 

I've been having a little tummy ache lately with runny poop (that's probably TMI), but Mom gave me this funny colored stuff to eat.  It tastes really good and my tummy feels much better now.

That's it for now.  I spent a whole day at work yesterday and was pretty pooped when I got home.   Don't know how those humans do it.  So I'll have time this weekend to get caught up.

  OH!!!  Here's some news!   I'm so excited!!!!!   I get to meet my half-sister, Nala, tomorrow.  Can't wait!  Can't wait!  She sounds very cool.  I'll definitely blog about that tomorrow

(new ridin' bed)


  1. I khan't WAIT to read about woo meeting Nala!

    I'm sure she's furry excited too!


  2. Hope you and Nala have fun!!! Hope your tummy feels better too!!


  3. Remi, it was SO fun meeting you today! I'm glad your tummy is feeling better....I need to have Mom buy me some pumpkin! It looks yummy. :) Congrats on passing your audition too....I'm not surprised you passed though...I mean, we ARE related! BOL!


  4. I still give the girls grated pumpkin, they love it... you are such a cutie ;)