Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stretching the legs...

This morning we went out to this big grass-less lot where I did some walking and running around.  Mom won't let me go to any parks cuz I'm not up on my shots yet and she's afraid I'll get paw-vo-vi-ruf.  But we had fun anyway walking around.

Come on Mom!  Stop slow walkin'!

I can't wait to go run around a grassy park, but Mom says it'll be a couple more months.  Ugh!  By then it'll be all cold and wet.  Us African dogs aren't into that stuff.  Mom said she'd get me a nice Columbia jacket to wear and some boots.  Hmmm...  well, maybe.  If it's the right color and doesn't make me look fat.  I have to keep my dignity, you know.


  1. Nala told us to come tell you hi and check you out!! You are quite a cutie!! We hope you get to go to a real park soon =)


  2. I khan't wait to see the Kholumbia jakhket and boots she choose fur woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe I should start saving some of my floof fur woo too?

  3. Remi, you're such a little cutie! I saw your picture on your sister's blog and I just had to come and check you out!

    Warm greetings from Africa,

    PS: I have a Swedish blog that I share with my siblings, but you can also find me at my mom's blog (which is in English), where I'm one of the main characters! :-)