Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sometimes ya just don't wanna work!

Ugh! After all those walks in the fresh air the past few days, I really didn't want to be stuck in the office.

  Plus, I'm outgrowing this bed, too.  This is the second bed I got, but I'm a big boy now.  So, I thought I'd send mom a few hints:

Mom decided it was nice enough out to go for a walk during lunch:

It was beautiful out.  The sun was shining across the lake.  What a nice lunch break.

Then we went back to the office, where I took a little nap (for 1 1/2 hours).

Mom always takes the most flattering pictures (sarcasm).  That's a really weird picture of me.  I look like some prehistoric creature.  Since my bed is too small, I have to rest my head on my squirrel toy.  I hear PetSmart is having a bed sale starting tomorrow!  Hint hint, Mom!


  1. Smile, your like a Dane Remi... growing tooo fast for everyone to keep

  2. REI outlet has a sale on doggie beds too! Some are half off!
    Since we knew Darwin was going to be big, we started with old pillows as her bed, then just went straight for a big bed to save money.
    Love your wrinkly forehead Remi! So cute!

  3. Holy Kong stuffin's!!! That's a really good deal on that bed. And free shipping (to a store, but there's one right in Tacoma). Thanks for the info, Brooke!!