Monday, November 30, 2009

"Me" Day!

Mom said Mondays are all about me!  This morning, she let me sleep in a bit.  Then we went to PetSmart where I got to do some Christmas shopping for some of my furr-iends.  Then, I got my nails done.  Then, we went to my fave off-leash dog park.  It was kindof blustery out (again), so there was only one other dog there when we got there.  So, me and Bolt played a lot:

Then, some other dogs showed up and we had a good play session.  I was pretty wiped out.
Then, we went to my class and I did my best in doing my downs and sit-stays.  I did so well on the down, the teacher used me to demonstrate the correct form.  But my favorite part is the playtime at the end.  Here's me and my gal, Eva:

And a couple of us getting a good romp at the very end:

Mom says the last few classes will be the most challenging for me because they are on that 'loose-leash' walking thing, recall, and not jumping. 
 Guess I've got a lot of work to do this week!!
Happy December everybody!!!


  1. The pikh of woo and Bolt is soooo khool! I bet woo had LOTS of fun!

    One of mom's transport pals (she lives in North Kharolina) thought Vikhtoria might have some of woo in her but Mom didn't see much evidence of the ridgebakhk -

    She was a furry wonderful girl - gave Mom lots of khysses on the Xterra leg of the journey! Mom knows she'll make a fantastikh furiend fur some lukhky hooman!

    PeeEssWoo: Blustery is good!

  2. Sounds like a fun day for you Remi! Darwin always did well in class... it's now that we haven't taken a class in months and she's reaching her crazy adolescent phase that she's becoming more difficult, especially with recall! We're going to have to work on that more again.