Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Double Walk Day!

All I can say is I must have been especially good today (plus, the weather was excellent).  Mom took me out on 2 walks today!!!   First, I had to take a nap to do some energy loading for the day:

Then, we went out on a nice hour walk:

Then, mom took me over to this place called Biscuits, where I got to make some other furr-iends.  Mom said I might be going there to play more often since its much closer to the house.  Then, we went home to grab lunch.  Since the sun was out, mom let me have a pumpkin yogurt pupsicle.  It was good, but cooold! 

Then I grabbed a quick nap.  Here's a picture of one of the katz in her hiding spot:

After the nap, we took off again and went to visit my auntie, Janet.  She lives right by a nice trail.  So, we went on another walk for another hour.  Mom spaced out taking any pictures tho cuz the was too busy chatting. 

But, it was a good day.  I forgot to tell you all about my new 'healthy' treats mom made, but I'll tell ya later.  Time for supper....


  1. You look so cute and comfy curled up for your nap!
    2 walks in one day! You're one lucky pup!

  2. Wow Remi, you are growing soooo fast! I love your new jacket and all your treats look so yummy! Your Mom is one pawesome dog Mom! :)


  3. Woo sooo have the life!

    I'm happy woo khan share it with us!

    PeeEssWoo: Some tape will help khontain the khreature in the box!

  4. Two walks AND a visit to doggy day care - how lucky can you get? We think we might like to test taste that pumpkin yougurt popsicle.

    Woos, the OP Pack