Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bunches of Stuff today

Whew!  What a day!  First, I went to see my cool doc at Cascade Veterinary Hospital.  I only weighed 31 pounds.  Guess I need to start eating more cheese.  Thanks to my sis, Nala, I've discovered the joys of cheese.  She's mentioned that she loves cheese, so I thought I'd try it, and ...  YUMMY!   Anyway, the doc said I was really good and that I'm a "keeper."  Here's a picture of me, my doc, and Wrangler's mom (the vet tech):

Then, cuz I was so good at the doc's, we went on an hour long walk at the BPA.  It was cold out, but my jacket kept me nice and cozy:

Then, home for a quick nap and lunch...and then a very cool experience.  I got to go to my first off leash dog park!!!!!!    It was so great.  We met up with Phantom and her mom.  Phantom is my first girlfurr-iend.  She was very nice, but kindof shy.  Again, I think she was just taken aback by my stunning good looks and charm.  Here's me, Tiger, and Phantom:

Finally, alone time for me and Phantom (with dad as chaperone):

A bunch of other dogs showed up, including a standard poodle, great dane, boxer (very frothy slobbery, but cool), boston terrier, airedale, doberman, couple of labs, and some multi-ethnic chaps.  We all played very hard.  It was a very good time.  Maybe, if I'm rested up tomorrow from today's escapade, we'll check out another park.  I love this stuff (and my paw-rents for showing it all to me...many wags to them both!)


  1. Your girrrrl is furry pretty!

    I'm sure she is in awe of your good looks!

    Tank woo fur sharing your big and full day!


  2. Great day out Remi.. I found the girls weight waxed and waned... just watch that the owners of the bigger dogs in the dog park are watching them and keeping an eye out... I found some wander off yakking and have no idea what their dogs are up to

  3. Fun day Remi! your first dog park! Exciting! which one did you go to? We tried out a new one yesterday, Westcrest in West Seattle. It was a fun one!

  4. Phantom is very sweet, glad you all had a lot of fun.

    woos, the OP Pack

  5. Oh no!!! How internet connection messed up and lost my nice long message! ARRRGH! Anyway, glad you like the cheese and I am so impressed with your behavior at the vet. I used to be good too but now I slide on the florr with my paws in hopes of escape. I don't like small, confined rooms that are echoey! Stairwells are AWFUL and I refuse to go in vets rooms remind me of this. :( I have to go on Friday...YIKES! Glad you have been enjoying the dog parks! My life is pretty boring these days as Mom is busy with parent-teacher conferences. I can't wait until she is off for Thanksgiving and we can go to my Nanny's and eat, play, relax, and eat and play some more. :)