Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Play days

I skipped blogging yesterday cuz I was so pooped from a day of playing.  This is going to be a short blog cuz I also played all day today.  Yesterday, they put me with the small pups in the small area, but I sooo... wanted to play with the big dogs on the other side. 

I must've looked pretty bored, cuz they moved me over to where all the big dogs were playing, which was much more fun. 

Well, I'm off to crash for the night.  Working with mom the next 2 days, then a weekend full of fun and surprises.  Hopefully, I'll get to go on another walk!!


  1. You must be exhausted little guy... great to see where you spend your time. We have nothing like that here...

  2. It was very nice of them to move you into the big dog group!!! I'm sure you had a wonderful day =)


  3. You are so lucky, Remi, to get to go play with all those big and small pups - no wonder you are tired. Have fun at work with Mom and hope you get that walkie. We are off to take a walk now.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. Definitely a big dog kind of boy huh! ;) Do they have video cameras so your Mom can see you while she is at work??? If so, that is VERY cool! :) Hope you have a fun weekend my little bro.