Monday, November 2, 2009

My first real walk!

Today was a busy day.  This morning, mom took me to PetSmart to get my nails trimmed.  That wasn't so bad.  They used a little spinning thing instead of clippers.  After I got tired of PetSmart, we went to PetCo.  I got some new chew stuff, since I can now finish a whole flossie in one sitting.

Then, the best part of the day, was that mom took me on a real walk.  We went to this place that was really quiet.  There was a paved trail, but we walked on the dirt path.  It was nice and sunny out.  It was grrreat!
Here's me making sure the path is safe for mom:

All sorts of new smells here!

Acting like a goof:

Hmm..  fork in the road.  I decided to take the one less traveled by:

Paw-zing for a nano second for a photo-op for mom.  Check out my great camouflage!

Me and my shadow...

We walked and walked and walked.  I had sooo... much fun!  Can't wait for the weather to be nice to do it again. 


  1. Your camouflage technique is great, Remi. You look like you are really getting to be a big puppy now.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  2. That's a great picture of you Remi (the second to the last one)!
    Now that daylight saving has kicked in and theres no way we can get to a dog park after work before it gets dark, Darwin will now be going to doggy daycare! We'll see how she does! Hopefully she likes it as much as you do!

  3. Those last two shots are pawesome!

    Woo taught your mom furry well!


  4. You blend in so nicely with the fall colors and you look like you are getting bigger!! :)


  5. We love the picture of you staring up at your mom! You are such a cutie, Remi! What a nice walkie you had!

    Love ya lots

  6. I love the picture in the leaves.. and I agree with everyone you are growing so fast...

  7. Oh Remi, I'm so glad you finally got to go for a real walk!!!! You are getting so big!! It won't be long before you're walking the momma =)