Friday, November 13, 2009

Lunchtime Playtime!

What a stormy day today in the PNW and you all know how much I LOVE (sarcasm) rain.   Mom had a heck of a time this morning cuz I didn't want to go to work (again).  This time it was cuz of the hurricane, or it seemed like one anyway.  The wind was a'blowing and the rain was a'fallin' sideways.  Totally weird and freaked me out.  Was waitin' to see a funnel cloud and cows flyin'.  I wouldn't get off the porch for cheese nor chicken.  She ended up giving up, picking me up, and taking me to the truck.  Wasn't so bad when we got to work cuz she put my cool jacket on then. 

I must've been very good all morning cuz for lunch (when the sun finally came out), I got to play with my co-therapist, Tasman.  He's a Bernese Mountain Dog who's also a therapy dog.  Except he's full blown and has done all his training and stuff.  Here's me, Tasman, and Tasman's mom:

It looks like I'm hiding, but I, ummm... just got my head stuck.  Yeah, that's it.  Tasman is the biggest dog I've played with one-on-one.  There's some danes at the play-all-day place, but I haven't really played, played with them. 

Tasman's so cool.  I hope we can have more lunchtime playtimes.  Mom was happy cuz I slept for almost 2 hours after that. 

Tomorrow, I go see my doc again for a ray-bees shot.  I'll let you all know how much I now weigh (I'm guessing 35 lbs).  Only 100 left to go.  Okay, maybe just 70...


  1. That is khool woo have a BMD pal!

    Baloo is my BMD pal - he lives just akhross the street from me!

    We get to see each other when we walk - he pulls his mom until he gets to us!

    Sorry about your ran but that is a fakht of life abou the PNW!


  2. I don't like the rain either and don't blame you. :) Glad the sun came out and you finally got to play. As for the squirrel toy pillow...I used to stick my muzzle in a pumpkin one and sleep. :) Have a super weekend!


  3. what a beautiful dog Tasman is, Id never seen that breed before.. wont be long and youll be playing with dogs of all sizes

  4. you look so tiny next to your buddy Tasman!
    Darwin hates the rain too! Im hoping it rains tomorrow while were at the dog park so she can realize she can have fun even if its raining.