Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day after turkey

Me, dad, and pop-pop went to the dog park.  It was a beautiful day out and I met up with a fun boxer:

Later that night, Auntie Janet and pop-pop came over to eat leftovers, so
I got to lay by the dragon again and chew on the hoofer:

Everyone said I was being very good.  They even let me stay up a little past my usual bed time, which was nice.  Hopefully, we'll get to go do fun stuff tomorrow again!


  1. Holidays are made fur staying up past your bed time!


  2. Wow that hoof is almost as big as you! Where did you get that from?!

  3. I got that hoof from Amazon at That's where I usually get my jumbo flossies (I've gone through about 30 already) and all my toys.