Monday, November 16, 2009

Blustery Day

The day started out a little breezy and rainy, so we went to PetSmart, where mom got me a new blanket for the truck.  Then, we went to the Chambers Bay dog park again.  By the time we got there, the wind was really blowing and the rain was coming from every direction, so mom made me wear my jacket.  When we got closer to the dog park, I was sad cuz no one else was there:

But, when we were about to leave, a chocolate lab, Penny, showed up.  We played for a bit, but had to leave cuz mom was soaked and freezing.

Later on, I went to my 2nd day of obedience class.  Mom said I did VERY good.  Much better than last time.  After class, we all got to play again.  This time, the airedale was much more playful with me:

Here's me and Oliver chatting.  He's so tiny, you can't even see him behind me:

The next two days are my all-day play days.  It should be good fun since I've been playing more and making more furr-iends.  I'm usually too tired after playing all day to blog, so I'll catch up on Thursday, after work (aka, where I rest up...wags!)


  1. The wind has been scaring Darwin especially the wind plus rain!
    Yes, hopefully Darwin and Remi can get together soon! Westcrest was nice! And since you seem to like taking him on trail walks, there seemed to be a few around the park!

  2. We have had lots of rain and just a little wind but it is very cold here too. HOpe you have lots of fun at your playdays.

    woos, the OP Pack

  3. That green khoat is just pawesome on woo!

    I'm glad woo had more fun this time!