Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new dog park

Despite it being another typical gray day in the PNW, we went to a new dog park, the Fort Steilacoom Dog Park in Tacoma.  It was pretty big with a separate place for small dogs.  I, of course, was on the big dog side.  Right when we got there, I met up with a standard poodle:

I played with a boxer pup, Molly, for a while.  She had about as much energy as me.  Then I played with a few other dudes.

But the girl that stole my heart was Allie. She's a 11-month-old golden retriever.  We played, and played, and chased each other around the picnic table:

After a long time of playing, we had to leave cuz it was getting cold.  I slept on the way home, but was still tired when I got home.  Almost too tired to chew on my Flossie:

Maybe, if I'm rested up a bit and the rain isn't too bad, we can explore another park tomorrow!!!!


  1. Allie and Remi sitting in a tree...


  2. Those Golden Girls are very special, Remi. And what a great pic of your ridge. Happy snoozing.

    woos, the OP Pack