Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm 6 months old!

I turned 6 months old yesterday.  Mom had some special treats for me (bison knuckle & a new twin hoofer), but I hadn't been feeling well.  Without getting too graphic and gross, I'll just say mom had a hard time using the pooper scooper to pick up after me.  So, instead of getting my treats yesterday, I ended up having chicken and rice for my meals (not a bad deal), extra pumpkin, and no flossies (bummer).  I do feel a little better today. 

Me and mom & dad went on a long walk along the BPA yesterday when the sun came out (for a few minutes). 
Mom wants me to ask any other Ridgebacks out there about how much food you eat.  I weigh about 53 lbs and was having 2 cups puppy food & 2 cups adult food daily.  Plus, training treats in addition to that.  I'm VERY active.  She says I'm looking too skinny, so she is going to increase my food to 2 cups puppy food & 3 cups adult food daily.  Does that sound like too much or is it normal?  Maybe I'll ask my sis, Nala, or my new Ridgeback blog buddy, Beaudor.


  1. Aww Happy 6 month Birthday Remi!
    Hope your stomach is feeling better. When Darwin was a young puppy she often had stomach issues, it felt like I was constantly taking poop samples in to the vet to get tested. Have you gotten your poop tested recently? Could be worms? Or if you just switched to new food lately it could be that.
    Hope you figure out what it is and feel better soon!

  2. I eat daily fresh meat and vegs,proteins 1000 gram it's kept in the freezer we buy them at Carnibest.
    Don't know if you have something like that in the USA,our breeder thinks fresh meat is the best fot our stomach.
    Hope your feeling better today,

  3. Happy HalfBarkday!

    I hope woo are feeling better
    that the poops will be easier to harvest fur your pawrents!

    Woo weigh more than I do! I'm sure someone will help woo with the food khwestions!


  4. Happy Half Year Birthday Remi!!!
    Sorry about the tummy issue. You didn't eat any tree rat poops did you???
    Enjoy your treats today. Nice way to stretch your big day out a bit. I'm just sayin'.

  5. I like your current diet. I wish I could live on that stuff all the time. As for the portion, I'm not a Rhodie but I think I can answer: I get about half a cup of kibble a day BOL

  6. Happy 6 months Remi!! Hope your tummy is feeling better. In regards to the food, Mom says she emailed your Mom but also wanted me to remind you that in addition to my kibble I eat HOnest Kitchen Force. I LOVE it and Mom usually gives me a bit more of it than my kibble. :) It's dehydrated veggies and meat and the owners of the company have Ridgebacks like us. I think you would like it...they have it at the Pet Market in FW. ;) In fact, I need to get some when I come over on V-day weekend. Maybe we can get together for a romp.


  7. Happy 6 months, Nala's little brother!

  8. Remi! We have an award for you on the blog! Check it out!

  9. Thanks for all your well wishes. I am feeling better now. Not sure what caused it. Might have been one of those tree rat turds Frankie talks about.

  10. Happy B-lated Half-way-to-your-birthday-birthday!

    I KNEW you were special!! You share a birthday with my newest skin-cousin Evelyn! What a lucky boy!

    wags, wiggles & 0.5 birthday slobbers