Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Toy Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful day.  We went over to the one dog park, hoping to run into my bro, Milo.  He wasn't there, but I played with a bunch of other new furriends. 

When we got home, it was time for the toy exchange.  I tried to get some last minute playing out of my fav blue 'almost-squeekless' ball before mom took it away.
Then mom gave me my new toys for the week.  What?  Only 4 this week?!
Then mom pulled a new toy from behind her back.  My first frisbee!
I ran around all over the place with it.
Chase me, Mom!!!
Then we played outside with it. 
It was so nice out, mom let me chew on a bone in the yard while she sat in the sun. 
Today is another really nice day, although a bit chilly yet.  I'm sure we'll get to do a lot of stuff outside as soon as the sun warms things up. 


  1. Whooooie four "new" toys and ONE Really new Frisbee. You really caught on to how to play with that beauty!!! I really like your new toy Saturday thing. I love seeing what you are going to get. Thanks!!!

  2. Oh Remi, your jumping through the house with your frisbee made us laugh. :) And that cute little can a Mom resist! ;) If the weather is nice next weekend maybe we can play again if you are around. We will be back over at my Nanny's. :)


  3. I love all of my orange toys! I hope you had a lot of fun with them!

  4. Your first frisbee! Yay, another milestone in your life. Way for mom to tease you with the three toys first. We should play one of these days.

  5. You look like a natural with your frisbee!