Monday, February 15, 2010

Furriends and Family

I've been resting up from a lot of fun stuff over the weekend. 
Saturday started with NTS (New Toy Saturday).  Here's dad returning last week's toys:
...and me getting this week's toys:
Me and dad playing a little tug:
Then, I did some napping before mom and dad rushed me into the truck for a surprise.  I thought we were just going for a walkie, but then mom unclipped my leash and I sis, NALA!!!!!   I was so excited!!!!!
Then, about a minute later, I got another surprise.  My buddy, Darwin, showed up!!!!

Here's the 3 of us, my dad, and Nala's dad:

Darwin's mom, Nala, me, and Nala's mom:
Nala is still bigger than me....
....but I'm trying to catch up!
Here we are with Nala's mom:
I never knew Great Danes were so bouncy:
Teaching Nala's mom to give 2 treats at the same time:
Where's my treat?:
It was such gurreat fun!  I hardly even noticed the rain!   I hope we can all get together again soon! 


  1. SIGH !! You have grass and got to play with your furends. SIGH !! I wish I could have been there!! I'm all green with jellyness. Thanks for at LEAST letting me SEE what I'm missing. You are a good furend. SIGH!!!!!

  2. NTS and furiend to play with! You're one lucky guy, Remi. I can't complain either though. The good times!

  3. How khool!

    Woo got to see Nala AND Darwin!


    I thought of woo two when I saw the RRB on Westminster Monday night!


  4. I had a ton of fun this weekend are such a great chaser! I know we have many more games of chase in our futures. Can't wait to see you again little bro. Can I still call you that if you outgrow me? ;)


  5. Hi Remi,you had the time of your life with your sis is she your real sister ,because she is so much more blond.
    My mum is back from Hongkong I missed her a lot she me too,this Sunday I have a reunion with my sisters hope they will all be there.
    High 5 ,Beaudor

  6. Hi my name is Remington! I just found your blog! Is your name Remington too or just Remi? They call me Remy sometimes....I like all of your pics. I hope we can be friends!

  7. Hi Remington! Yes, my name is also Remington (as in Remington Arms...or technically, ApacheRidge Smooth-is-Fast Remington.) But everyone knows me as Remi! Good to meet you! I'll visit your site soon!