Monday, February 8, 2010

Danes, Danes, everywhere.....and they all look the same!

Yesterday, I went up to Marymoor park for Darwin & sibs' 1st birthday par-tay.  I've never seen so many Great Danes!!  And, since they are all related, they all looked the same.  It was a little confusing, but I tried to remember names by collars.  Here's me and Darwin at the feeding of the cake:
The cake was so yummy.  I tried to sneak 2 pieces, but mom caught me.  Here's me finishing off the crumbs:
Me and Darwin's brother, Boo:
I felt a little outnumbered:
Then, after eating the cake and meeting all the sibs, we went into the off-leash area and I played and played for a good hour.  I was very pooped afterwards. 
 It was really fun meeting Darwin and her family.  I hope they all had a super time at their b-day par-tay!!


  1. Thanks again for coming Remi! It was so nice to finally meet you even if we didn't get to play much! Next time we'll meet up with less siblings! You were very funny with the cake! I'll be sure to post the recipe so maybe your mom can make it for your first birthday!

  2. I bet not everybody smelled the same though :) How fun! You've met Darwin before? What a social birthday party. I love those and I really appreciate off-leash time. Get some rest

  3. How cool Remi! I think I would be a bit confused too. :) We need a Ridgeback play group like that! So, MOm thinks I may be up for a get together this weekend if you are available but she says I just can't get too rowdy. She also says I have to wear my boots...YUCK! Oh well, it will be worth it if I get to see you. :)


  4. Awwwww Remi what a grrrrreat outing. I'm all green with jellyness... you got to run in grass!! I'll bet you all exchanged gallons of pee mail. You Lucky Dawg.
    Of course you do realize that... you really did STAND OUT in that crowd!!! I'm just sayin'.

  5. Maybe that is how everyone else feels when we all go to the dog park?

  6. How khool woo got to go to the pawty and have KHAKE!!!